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Concepts of Advanced Zero Waste Tools: Present and Emerging Waste Management

GustafssonBrynielssonatvaxjo. The SUSTIE ZEB test facility is located in Kamakura, Japan, to develop ZEB technology. As a member, you’ll also get unlimited access to over 84,000lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Nighttime illumination is typically done with fluorescent and LED lighting that use 1/3 or less power than incandescent lights, without adding unwanted heat. The main themes of the World Climate Forum EUROPE 2021 Series will aim to underpin the ambitions of the EU Green Deal through key drivers: Policy, Innovations, and Investments. Wood’s ZeroEmissionSim models combination of theory and real world telematics to simulate multiple scenarios that help determine the optimal battery size and vehicle configuration for fleet transition. Frambozenweg 1612321 KA LeidenThe Netherlands. New AtlanticistFeb 1, 2021. To read the full text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the author. In the three lineages of vessel bearing seed plants, there are indications that xylem vessels appear first in lineages that originated in wet tropical forested habitats characterized by high moisture and shade. Nevertheless, however broad or vulgar its humor,it sought an aura of moral respectability. Improved understanding and tools may be needed to better account for the intricacies that are required for the realistic application of displacement factors. Nordic Structures – © All rights reserved 2021 – Terms and Conditions. Undén pointed out that Norway possess the storage sites for example in old reservoirs under the North Sea, while Sweden has large emissions from industry along the coast. Those who commissioned construction of passive houses and zero energy homes over the last three decades were essential to iterative, incremental, cutting edge, technology innovations. It is managed by Rahgostar Naft Company in Tehran, Iran. Nor had this competitive advantage disappeared in Belgium in 1955. Social benefits include, minimizes strain on local infrastructure, increases morale of occupants and improves worker productivity. World Climate Forum Europe 2021 will gather senior policymakers and high level public and private actors from around the world for action oriented discussions on advancing net zero targets across all sectors, required to limit global warming to 1. Other approaches to reducing cross sectoral leakage include an economy wide carbon tax and jurisdictions committing to global action to reduce CO2e emissions. Life for children with disabilities should be more than accessible. Participants included delegates from Southern, East, West and Lusophone African countries. The common argument is that the forests should be left untouched to allow naturally functioning carbon sinks to increase their carbon storage. At Taliesin West, Wright reflects this relationship through a quotation from Whitman’s „Song of the Universal“ describing an America that is „embracing, carrying, welcoming all, Thou too, by pathways broad and new, To the Ideal tendest. The shipyard is situated in the city centre and is a unique opportunity for educating the public about experimental archaeology and the maritime legacy of the late Scandinavian iron age.

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NNEs medlemmer på facebook har opprettet en gruppe kalt ‚NNE i FB‘. According to Wright, „A knowledge of the relations of form and functions lies at the root. This is achieved by exploring design opportunities through both traditionally used crafting methods and combining them with current day digital tools, as well as investigating the cultural values of the material within the same project. The building industry, researchers and building authorities will come together to learn, find inspiration and exchange experiences. We also look at the Price Tower in Oklahoma, built in 1956 to a design by Wright. Identified him with the so called organic approach, or regional interpretation, of modern design. The purpose is to support the current forum-woodnordic low carbon cities program in Malaysia. Article Google Scholar. Only nine years remain to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, and greater efforts are needed to diagnose the root causes of structural gender inequality, identify game changers and spur further commitments. Gå till den svenska versionen av sidan ». Adolph Sutro’s Interior Ocean: A Social Snapshot of 19th Century Bathing in the United States.

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The variety program, a combination of comedy and music that almost always included a singing host and a guest star for the week, also dominated the period. The other talks in the section demonstrated this further. Only when we say or write ‚Form and Function are One‘ is the slogan significant. This lab will focus on the VNR preparation process in Uruguay, highlighting the methodology and principles of the country’s VNR report, preparation process and follow up actions. 2014, but in some cases they were both included in a single DF with an uncertainty range Soimakallio et al. The move to zero emission vehicles will fundamentally change today’s auto maintenance and service sector. The Regional Innovation Forum ​for Europe, o​rganized within the framework of the 2021 ITU Global Innovation Forum, took place virtually from 22 to 23 September 2021. As study after study has shown, replacing conventional building materials with wood reduces emissions during the construction phase by 69%, or an average of 216 kg CO2e/m2 of building area. Article Google Scholar. The space is interspersed with gardens, balconies, and nooks that encourage social and educational interaction. „Monetary Policy in Times of Crisis – A Tale of Two Decades of the European Central Bank“ / 26 Nov, 2021 14:00 15:30 CET UTC+01:00 /. See presentations from the event forum holzbau. Global vulnerabilities to the COVID 19 variant B. They may use heat recovery ventilation, hot water heat recycling, combined heat and power, and absorption chiller units. These values informed the structure and operation of the Taliesin Fellowship over many decades; they would also inform his creation of an American architecture. For new builds, and with expert design, this can be accomplished with little additional construction cost for materials over a conventional building. Kirsten Haggart, Waugh Thistleton Architects UK Timber concrete composite floors in urban buildings: Options for a low carbon building design. Establishing contact to relevant stakeholders in Denmark, Norway and Sweden researchers, construction clients, contractors, architects, policy makers. Net; Lake Flato Architects Arizona State University Student Health Services. Comfortable, energy efficient buildings and low carbon life of existing City building stock enjoy prestige in both City Strategy 2030 and Environmental Programme 2030. 15th April – 14:00 – Build in Wood and Building Regulations. Sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils are the basis for this finish. The goal was to offer $20 million in global incentive prizes to design and build a 2,000 square foot 186 square meter three bedroom, two bathroom home with 1 net zero annual utility bills that also has 2 high market appeal, and 3 costs no more than a conventional home to construct. As for the future of green projects and sustainable financing, Mr Chin says: „With consumers and investors continuing to place greater emphasis on sustainability, we believe more companies will accelerate their sustainable development agenda and this will sustain the rising demand for green projects and sustainable financing.

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The result is the East Beach Cafe. Libra: A new competitor among international currencies. In this context, it may be important to understand how lower quality or smaller trees can be used to create engineered wood products, especially products like CLT. I’m attaching few pictures of the annex, it is lovely and all our friends are asking about the company who did such an amazing work in just 4 weeks“. As a speaker we highly encourage you to use your social media networks to motivate your connections to attend this year’s Design Forum. The structure must therefore be designed as if it was molded by nature for and from that landscape. The Estonian wooden houses industry is the most successful exporter in Europe; and the seventh largest overall. Where and how do I attend the conference. The City of Šibenik describes this year’s work and solicits input. Note: interested in participating for the 2021 event. Given that most forests are beyond the extensive margin inaccessible to forest operations, a domestic push to increase the amount of long lived wood products in Canada would need to be associated with policies that increase forest harvest utilization at the intensive margin. ‎ And the new design was to take into account the fact that people are growing in size. Participants will also find valuable answers to these questions. Nevertheless, making this project is a task that cannot be done just by a single organization, and because of it, is needed to think in a way to involve more actors, both national and international, to face the labor of designing the building of the future. Starting in October 2021, the new project NetZeroCities will. Dymond and Darius Tolkien Spurr. Finland also has a national Wood Building Programme. Will you support Vox’s explanatory journalism. While there are opportunities for wood harvesting in the world, it should be noted that wood harvesting is only reasonable if forests are managed efficiently. January 19, 2022Save 30% on select passes through this date. Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada. Rüter S, Werner F, Forsell N, Prins C, Via E, Levet A L 2016 ClimWood 2030, climate benefits of material substitution by forest biomass and harvested wood products: perspective 2030 – final report. The goal of green building and sustainable architecture is to use resources more efficiently and reduce a building’s negative impact on the environment. Senior FellowAtlantic Council.

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There are various kinds of plans and incentives in different countries for buildings that produce fewer emissions, but none for buildings that capture carbon. Singapore unveiled a prominent development at the National University of Singapore that is a net zero energy building. Also, an example of the new generation of zero energy office buildings is the 24 story OIIC Office Tower, which is started in 2011, as the OIIC Company headquarters. Structural performance of multi story mass timber buildings under tornado like wind field. By choosing to continue, you agree to our use of cookies. We also reviewed LCAs of the case buildings and included the results in the study. FBCA 2009a Declaration environnementale et sanitaire conforme à la norme NF P01–010. Even though the key factors, including consideration of changes in forest and HWP carbon stocks, end of life treatment of HWPs and fossil energy input in wood processing, were known when determining and applying DFs, yet there are many other assumptions that may influence DFs. Norwegian Swedish cooperation is key. How deep will it fall. / Lorenzo Codogno, Paul van den Noord. Variety stage, in this era, drew greater audiences than the „legitimate“ theater which presentedserious literary works. Carbon is stored in above and below ground stocks of forests which are reduced by harvesting and increased by wood growth and litter input. It concluded that the WEF do not solve issues such as poverty, global warming, chronic illness, or debt. The Cyber Security Salons 2021 APAC. Much higher quality HVAC equipment boiler and radiators. Voices of the industry will include. During the two ensuing BEFs, he chaired the Global Media Committee and the North Atlantic Council. It also meets practically all of the prerequisites for green or sustainable building: the SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system. The second type of study estimates the growing capacity of forests, allocates part of the annually produced timber to buildings, and then estimates the carbon storage of those buildings. Danish Technological Institute. The carbon storage levels were taken from the studied papers and are presented in kg CO2 per m2 see figure 1. SWISS KRONO in Germany mainly uses wood from sustainably managed domestic forests to make its products, which is why all SWISS KRONO OSB bears the PEFCTM mark. 4 TRONDHEIM SEPTEMBER 2017 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 Session 3 Wood in Society: Cosmos 1A Materials and Solutions: Design to Contracting: Cosmos 1B A3 Framework B3 Advanced Products C3 Building Site of the Future 08:30 10:00 Ingerid Helsing Almaas, DOGA Aasmund Bunkholt, Trefokus Audhild Kvam, Enova PLENUM Session 4 Trondheim s climate plan a roadmap to a low emissions city. The growing environmental awareness is also advantageous for wood as a construction material, where the choice is motivated by the fact that wood is a renewable material and that its use reduces CO2 emission, provided that the raw material is harvested in forests where sustainable forestry with replanting and management plans is practised. Present storage capacities make the number of batteries needed prohibitively heavy. As for one family building, the proportion is undoubtedly as high or higher in other western European countries and in Scandinavia, but lower in southern and eastern Europe. In addition, there will be reports on the implementation of the first wood based biorefinery in Germany.

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Permits strong and decorative solutions. Another key component of this architectural style is simplicity. Solutions have been developed based on the 2015 and 2018 National Design Specification®NDS® for Wood Construction, and the 2015 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic SDPWS, as appropriate. Her finner du en oversikt over alle arrangementer i regi av NOFS. The carbon stored per square meter of the buildings studied ranges from 23 to 310 CO2 kg m−2 figure 1. Ecol Indic 111:106057. Located in a misty pine forest, the architects used a commission for a small hotel to explore new relationships between nature and architecture. Climate change, material scarcity and the current housing shortage urgently require the use of alternative building materials that limit the environmental damage caused by the building sector. Conversely, a wooden façade might hang on a building with a different frame material, in which case the structure is not defined as a wooden building. You need to register for digital attendance on the registration page. For new builds, and with expert design, this can be accomplished with little additional construction cost for materials over a conventional building. Stavrinakis; Christian Harm; David T. What is the true resilience of our financial systems to climate change with the buffers we currently have.


The common argument is that the forests should be left untouched to allow naturally functioning carbon sinks to increase their carbon storage. Improving residential cooling equipment performance would save 3. Added insulation, triple glazed windows and heat pumps compared to those from on site energy generation e. Digital and Technology Public Affairs and EU Policy EU US Relations. To overcome these negative attitudes towards wood as a construction material, there are considerable activities both Slovenia and Sweden to promote the use of timber. 15th April – 10:40 – Challenges to use timber in load bearing structures in Latvia Read more. In order to mitigate climate change by increasing the use of HWPs in place of alternative products, the change in net GHG emissions of ecosystem and technosystem should be negative over a given time horizon. Its popularity ebbed and flowed. SNS is too small to text/translate every video on the site, we apologize for that. In another paper, recently published in the journal Nature Sustainability, Churkina et al estimated the potential carbon storage of new buildings between 2020 and 2050. In a study to determine strength properties and market value of timbers deconstructed from buildings at military bases, researchers at the US Forest Products Laboratory found some reduction in comparison with new timbers. Aila Ryhänen Project Manager Tel: +358 40 621 3140E mail: aila. It was the first building for Thomas Heatherwick who previously was better known as a sculpture. Cull detection manuals were developed for most of the major timber producing regions to provide foresters with information on the principal decay indicators and associated cull Murphy and Rowatt, 1932; Hepting and Hedgcock, 1937; Silverborg, 1954; Lockhard et al. Ignoring or misunderstanding these assumptions could result in decreased actualized avoided emissions, when compared to the original displacement factor suggested in a research paper. It will also discuss new partnerships, data innovations and new measures introduced which have profoundly changed the statistical production process in many countries. Conveying warmth and sophistication, it can be used as a load bearing structure and an interior finish material. We are happy to announce our last interregional thematic workshop for Mazovia Voivodeship, Poland. An economic model representing price and market characteristics could be used to help define more sophisticated displacement factors for a range of situations.

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The complete goal of the idea of organic architecture is never reached. Chair, Subcommittee on Security and DefenceEuropean Parliament Renew Europe–France. Banking regulation and the benefits of international cooperation – views from a banking supervisor / Joachim Wuermeling. Arrows indicate dependencies. Now excluding site worker representation, the reconstituted Forum’s membership comprised. We employ some 23 000 people, and have sales in more than 50 countries. This hides your personal information from the general public. The Forum Wood Building Nordic is the main conference for wood construction in the Nordic countries. The thing is, large, solid, compressed masses of wood are actually quite difficult to ignite. There are several factors that must be considered before a building is determined to be a green building. There are ways to do dowel laminated timber that are very efficient in the fabrication process — instead of screwing or nailing board after board, you just put all the boards up together, put them in a press, drill a hole all the way through and set a dowel through. 8% in their calculation. In the case of low energy buildings, embedded energy during a 50 year life cycle is estimated to account for 46% of total emissions. Publication for Building Green 2021 by Olga Popovic Larsen. The Committee for the organisation and registration of the Romanian Communist Party v. Therefore, choosing high efficiency equipment such as lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, etc. Article Google Scholar. FallingwaterLocation: Pennsylvania, USAArchitect: Frank Lloyd WrightCompleted: 1939. Central bank independence and inflation / Ryszard Kokoszczyński, Joanna Mackiewicz Łyziak. Поле с телефоном заполнено с ошибкой / The phone is filled with error. The prominent use of telop on screen has created a style that has influenced variety programming across Asia. FAO and Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forestbased Industries ACSFI and in collaboration with partner organizations, including the Center for International Forestry Research CIFOR, Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade FAST, International Tropical Timber Organization ITTO, World Bank WB and the World Wildlife Fund WWF, organized on October 31 and November 1, 2017, a global meeting on the theme „Sustainable wood for a sustainable world“, at the Headquarters of FAO in Rome to explore the role of sustainable wood value chains in achieving sustainable development. It has diversified and subdivided from drama, K pop center to entertainment programs, movies, animations, games, publications and character products. Parallel strand lumber. Ou choisir la langue. 2018;177April:519–39. The conference brings together academics and practitioners to exchange experiences and learn the latest developments in the field, with lectures from international speakers accompanied by an exhibition where different organisations present their latest products and services. Majority of studies included a time frame of at least 30 years. A partnership between EIT Climate KIC and CDC Group, the. Co leaderAlliance 90/The Greens.

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Concrete and steel productions in particular are responsible for a large share of global emissions. To support future decision making, we developed a feasible scenario of carbon storage potential by the construction of wooden buildings considering both percentages of wooden buildings compared to other types of buildings and their level figure 5. As a result, other broadcasting channels such as KBS and SBS have followed its path and introduced programs such as 2 Days and 1 Night and Running Man. An avid outdoorsman and Seattle native, VALI Homes founder and current Arizona resident Austin Trautman struggled to find beauty in what appeared to him a dry and lifeless landscape. Digital and Technology Public Affairs and EU Policy. By STIRworld Sep 01, 2020. The story of events or characters is combined with the basic storytelling of the main event, and the entertainment program is enriched. The building is inspired by the form of a tree, with the trunk accommodating service type activities and the residential parts fanning out from the center like branches. Buy this article in print. This is the sixth annual Forum Wood Building Nordic conference, and it is the second time in a row Trondheim has been chosen as the Norwegian host city. In this world, each building has its own architectural style or language. 0 International License, which permits use, sharing, adaptation, distribution and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to the original authors and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons licence, and indicate if changes were made. Financial integration in the Nordic Baltic region vis à vis the EU: A Swedish perspective / David Farelius, Stefan Ingves, Magnus Jonsson. Nov 26, 2021 „Monetary Policy in Times of Crisis – A Tale of Two Decades of the European Central Bank“.

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Attached and detached wooden buildings have been widely used, so construction companies have significant experience in these building types, making them a reliable solution for carbon mitigation in the coming ten years. Tue 24 Sep 2019To Fri 27 Sep 2019. – How to deal with regulatory arbitrage / Danièle Nouy. NERO develops and demonstrates technical solutions, which significantly reduce the costs of new nearly Zero Energy Wooden Buildings and districts compared to the current situation. Nordic Waste Wood for Good’s way of achieving the project aims is through creative hands on workshops to explore a new aesthetic language of opportunities, rooted in the Nordic wood culture. 14th April – 11:50 – Accelerate low carbon construction with wood – a Nordic Policy Snapshot Read more. Go to Google Play Now ». Februar 2022 og finner sted på Voksenåsen hotellpå toppen av Holmenkollen i Oslo, Norge. The latest generation of mass timber products can replace these materials one to one, without harming the environment. 6 Gt, while those for the 80% scenario figure 4d are 0. The rise of digital watchers / Till Ebner, Thomas Nellen, Jörn Tenhofen.

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The WHO declared a global health emergency 6 days later. You need an eReader or compatible software to experience the benefits of the ePub3 file format. Du kan spille online kasinoer mr bet casino for ekte penger. What are the recipe to success. Wood is also used in structures, windows, doors and finished surfaces, and also at construction sites to build moulds among other uses. In BC, an increasing number of communities qualify as early adopters having met provincial requirements including support from their city council, planning, and fire departments along with land use bylaws permitting tall wood construction. The IEA and European Union most commonly use Net Zero Energy, with „zero net“ mainly used in the USA. This information is relevant, as not all forest types can be used to create long lived products; considerations need to be made concerning tree species, timber diameter, quality of carbon storage, and thinning requirements before one can assume that a particular stand of trees is suitable for the construction sector. Structural performance of multi story mass timber buildings under tornado like wind field. Februar 2022 og finner sted på Voksenåsen hotellpå toppen av Holmenkollen i Oslo, Norge. The possibility exists that hybrid CLT could be made, but this still requires technical guidance from industry. Chang Honglei,Deputy Secretary General of the Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission. CAS Article Google Scholar. What’s also interesting from this house of worship is at the top. Cedar wood cladding on the exterior is sourced from Ontario and references the heritage buildings in the adjacent Black Creek Pioneer Village, some dating back 150 years. In summary, evidence suggests the brown rot decay system involves a two phase attack in which the wood cell wall is initially opened up by a rapid effecting oxidative low molecular weight system, which then provides conditions for an enzymatic system involving hydrolytic and/or oxidative C. La Loggia said the company is pushing its sales staff to have complex discussions with customers to educate them about the energy efficient technologies they offer. Are building owners, architects, contractors and manufacturers ready to contribute in the development of smart, green neighbourhoods and cities. Read more about call for presentations, accomodation and other practical information on our EVENTPAGE. Tamperetalo, Tampere, Finland. While many wood products are currently used in the construction sector, it is unclear how directly substitutable all possible products or wood based designs are for the current typical building design. Working with modular systems is a great help, since it is difficult to design traditionally and then translate the design of the building to an industrial context. Stora Enso has also launched a concept for eco schools and is developing a concept for commercial office buildings. 4% and water consumption by 1.

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2 Finnish Environment Institute, Latokartanonkaari 11, Helsinki 00790, Finland. Come and visit us at „Forum Wood Building Nordic 2019“. Each paper will be assigned 25 30 minutes during the workshop. The exact sequence and chronology of the building phases are unclear and would require further excavation. Article Google Scholar. In another paper, recently published in the journal Nature Sustainability, Churkina et al estimated the potential carbon storage of new buildings between 2020 and 2050. But the winner of the show does not remove their mask to reveal their identity and will not be revealed until they are defeated in the competition. As wood substitution and DFs is considered a timely and highly important topic in terms of the climate change mitigation potential of wood products and wood based bioeconomy, more systematic work is needed to detect the current state in the development of DFs. Life cycle thinking and circularity are among the key principles for building renovation towards 2030 and 2050. The carbon stored per square meter of the buildings studied ranges from 23 to 310 CO2 kg m−2 figure 1. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Do you need more information about this building and its related companies.


Public Affairs and EU Policy EU US Relations. I’m interested in attending the 2022 Construction Forum. In 2012 / 2013, there was an unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the Strategic Forum as the industry’s „single voice“ in government, however the UK Contractors Group UKCG withdrew and the Forum foundered. WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH. „Has“: When To Use Each One. 2020 Finnish construction sector is actively decreasing carbon footprint forest. As the study is based on gross area GA, in cases where only net area NA was reported, we used a constant of 0. For more information, please read an update from our President and CEO. Verarbeitungsunternehmen. The Spanish language variety show known as Sábados Gigantes forerunner of the U. The crisis management framework for banks in the EU: how Can we deal with small and medium sized banks.


Digital and Technology. An American writer, global citizen and lover of nature. All authors have contributed to develop the research work. It aims to present the latest international developments in timber architecture, engineering and technology to an audience of construction professionals including architects, engineers, contractors, housing organizations, planners, manufacturers and urban designers. Our shares are listed on the Helsinki STEAV, STERV and Stockholm STE A, STE R stock exchanges. The Permanent Forum and the SIMC willuse the cooperation memorandum as a platform to strengthen resource sharing anddeepen exchanges and cooperation, which will effectively promote theintegration and development of diversified dispute resolution methods in thefield of construction engineering. Led by the CEO of United Technologies and the Chairman of Lafarge, the organization has both the support of large global companies and the expertise to mobilize the corporate world and governmental support to make ZEB a reality. The 7th edition of Nordic Edge Expo will be hybrid in 2021. In most cases access to the domain will be available within one to two hours of purchase, however access to domains purchased after business hours will be available within the next business day. Backup power generation systems such as onsite substations or transformers for battery EVs and onsite storage for battery and hydrogen fuel cell EVs will impact already constrained vehicle depots. With a strong capital base and consistent financial performance, RBC is among a small group of highly rated global banks. Sustainable forestry based solutions are central to help meeting the growing demand for green building. State Secretary Regional Development and Digitalisation, Paul Chaffey is invited to speak at our event by the Norwegian Datacenter Industry Association. Kastelli community centre Kastelli is for everyone a versatile and sustainable space that effectively serves its purpose today and in the future The Kastelli community centre is the City of Oulu s educational,. May 20, 2019 Cash on Trial. Rolf Andersson Process Manager Fastighetskontoret Stadshuset. Registered Office: 40 42 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8EB, UK. Oct 12, 2021 EU and US Perspectives: Changing climates. Not Rated 4 min Short, Comedy. The SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB System is an officially approved, eco friendly massive timber construction system for erecting healthy buildings. Bank pricing of corporate loans / Márcio Mateus, Tiago Pinheiro. Jusic J, Tamantini S, Romagnoli M, Vinciguerra V, Di Mattia E, Zikeli F, Cavalera M, Scarascia Mugnozza G. 16th April – 10:40 – Fire protection challenges for timber buildings in Latvia Read more. 44 Towards South–South–North partnerships – Elizabeth Colucci and Nico JoosteReorienting relationships across the globe. Although there are moderately clear definitions for DF, different methodological choices under the definitions are possible making it difficult to compare and apply DFs. Follow us on Instagram. An STES can also be used for summer cooling by storing the cold of winter underground. Gå till den svenska versionen av sidan ». Global meeting summary report. A long lasting collaboration with the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings and the Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighborhoods in Smart Cities strengthened the knowledge and expertise in nearly zero energy buildings where wood is the main construction material.